Finding short-term print capacity and cost-effective international distribution

Finding short-term print capacity and cost-effective international distribution

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

Sourcing short-term printing capacity from one of our 400+ print suppliers

Expertly project managed to meet tight schedule

Sourced cost-effective distribution partner

A quick summary

Plan International UK is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world. They needed their handbook producing quickly, then distributing to locations in 23 countries. Webmart sourced a printer with short term capacity. We project managed the production and worked with a cost-effective international freight forwarding company, allowing us to print and deliver within 2 weeks.

The Challenge

This project was particularly challenging because Plan International UK needed the handbook producing quickly and distributing to multiple foreign locations.

This meant that the team at Webmart needed to match the printing requirements of the project to available short-term printing capacity. We would also need to find a delivery partner who could match our distribution needs and would be cost-effective. In total we needed to deliver English and French versions of the handbook to over 30 locations in 23 different countries: from England to the Netherlands, Sierra Leone to Tanzania, Madagascar to India!

Our Solution

Webmart’s extensive roster of print suppliers covers every printing process there is. Our technology enabled us to identify the most suitable suppliers for each specification and we were quickly able to pin-point the best suppliers with available capacity. Our expert procurement and project management teams then swung into action to place, produce and project manage the project from start to finish.

To carry out the logistics, we enlisted the services of a trusted local freight forwarding company which enabled us to beat the prices of many of the larger international freight companies and offer precise tracking of the packages’ every move.

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