Saving Pavers £170,000

Saving Pavers £170,000 and offsetting  30 tonnes of CO2e 

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

A huge £170,000 cost reduction, whilst maintaining a high level of quality output

A 30 tonnes reduction in CO2e output

A quick summary

When Pavers approached us, the brief was to optimise their already successful mailing campaigns, with the core aim being to reduce costs whilst ensuring the ROI remained unchanged. A particularly crucial target given the current climate.  

The Challenge

Pavers already had a very successful mailing calendar, with regular catalogue mailings driving good growth and retention of existing customers as well as some acquisition activity. Whilst Pavers were happy with the incremental revenue gains from this activity, they were keen to explore opportunities to:  

  • Reduce the overall costs of the campaign. A particularly important goal for the firm given cost pressures elsewhere.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the campaign. As a carbon neutral organisation (the first in their sector) Pavers often lead the way on sustainability initiatives and wanted this to extend to their marketing communications. 

How we achieved it

We looked at several key areas initially, namely: 

  • Print specification  
  • Mailing specification & postage 
  • A/B testing  
  • Our sustainability process of calculate, mitigate, offset and communicate.  

After months of testing, we introduced several initiatives aimed at reducing costs for the retailer whilst retaining their strong ROI. This included re-engineering the mailing format to qualify for more efficient postage rates, securing postage incentives and print specification changes 

The results

Overall, we were able to work with Pavers to deliver mailings which provided the same return for the brand, whilst spending over £170,000 per annum less, and having a reduced impact on the environment by twice-offsetting the CO2e of the postage of Pavers’ campaigns, offsetting over 30 tonnes of CO2e so far. 

Our work with Pavers was also shortlisted for an SMP (Strategic Mailing Partnership) award in 2021. 

Pavers Managing Director, Jason Paver said: “We are really aware that a lot of people in the business wanted to see us work harder to protect the environment. Being the first large shoe retailer in the country to achieve carbon neutrality was exciting not only for me personally but to so many of our colleagues in the business. I feel strongly that we must continue with our quest to continue to support the environment in as many ways we can as a business.” 


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