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Advertising Mail is a product offered by Royal Mail to offer discounts to organisations who use mail to advertise products or services. That makes it a great, cost-effective, way to reach customers with your printed marketing materials. 


So here’s some key points you should know when you’re planning your Advertising Mail campaign.


There are options to deliver in the same timescales as first or second class mail for smaller mail drops, or for larger mailings, an economy 4 working day option.


It’s also backed by MailMark reporting which offers your business real-time insight into the exact stages your mailings are at. So, for example, you could see whether it’s at a national distribution centre or if it’s scheduled for distribution – giving you accurate data to staff-up or prepare your warehouse.



There are a few great features of Advertising Mail from a marketer’s perspective:


  • First up is that it’s particularly effective for brand building; exposing customers to your brand in a really tactile and meaningful way and in a format that reaches them when they’re at their most relaxed: in the home.


  • And of course, like all post, it offers amazing coverage of the UK population, delivering on six days of the week to over 30 million addresses.


  • Unlike digital, it can be made entirely environmentally friendly (in fact, climate positive) – especially if you use Webmart’s Enviromail climate positive UK postage option.


  • Advertising Mail is usually entirely data-driven, targeting your house list of customers to up- or cross-sell, or finding new customers by geodemographic profiling or postcode matching.


  • Advertising Mail – and direct mail in general – can have some stunning results when working as part of your digital or integrated campaign too. Scroll to the bottom to find some case studies of how direct mail has worked for brands – or find some key stats in the sidebar.


Postage Incentives


Since 2016, Royal Mail has been running a number of mail incentives to help brands test new ideas and/or grow their mail volumes.


Customers that take advantage of the incentives are rewarded with postage credits that can then be used with future mailings.


Webmart consultants are on hand to show customers what incentives are available, to understand whether they’re
appropriate for their projects and whether they’re eligible to apply. To help us assess whether you can apply for incentives, we encourage you to discuss upcoming projects and any increase in postage numbers with your Webmart contact. If you don’t have one yet, please just get in touch using the form below.


Note: incentives must be applied for at least 10 working days before a campaign is mailed. Terms and Conditions apply.

Direct Mail Success Stories

Need help with your advertising mail or other direct mail campaigns?

If you’d like to invite Webmart to help you improve your direct mail campaigns, our team of experts is alway son hand to assist.


Webmart has established partnerships with a wide variety of quality-ranked data handlers, traditional/digital printers and distribution channels across the UK – including our own Enviromail climate positive postage. We’re also experts in print procurement and print management.


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