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Catalogues have been sent through the post to drum up business for centuries – pretty much for as long as the postal service itself has been in existence.


Ben Franklin’s original Book Catalogue – dated 1744

Of course, all the brightest people know exactly how valuable sending catalogues through the post is to both business and customers alike. So it’s no surprise that both Benjamin Franklin and Josiah Wedgwood were among early adopters, with Franklin publishing his list of reference books as far back as 1774.


Back to today, catalogues are still a fantastic way of uncovering your products to your customers and prospects.


Print in the home is accessed when the customer’s at their most relaxed and receptive. It’s also treasured and stored for use when they’re looking to purchase – and doesn’t rely on having enough charge or the right device – making it unique among marketing channels.


If you’re considering printing a catalogue – for either use in premises or to post out – here’s some things we recommend you consider.

1. Personalised and Periodical


Rather than sending a single catalogue, why not use data to drive more personalised and timely catalogues. Highly targeted catalogues are known to boost response rates massively.


Catalogues can be printed to target particular seasons and by the different stages of a customer’s lifecycle, whether newly acquired or more premium, longer-term customers.


Creating a simple yet highly personalised catalogue cover targeting premium customers increased response rates by a staggering 50% for one of our customers.


2. Format Engineering


Catalogues are often used in store of course, but as part of an outbound marketing campaign, you’re going to want to distribute it to prospects and customers by post.


To make your campaign as cost effective as possible when delivering by post, it’s key that you consider the dimensions and weight of your catalogue. That way you’ll optimise postage costs and qualify for postage discounts. Read here for more information on postage discounts (or contact Webmart where our advisors will be delighted to help you find the right one).


And of course, smaller, more regular catalogues can be great for driving business at different times of the year. Whether that’s the usual times like a Christmas or Spring/Summer catalogue, or something more personal like a catalogue based on customer preferences such as previous holiday or clothing purchases – smaller more regular catalogues are a great way to build brand affinity and customer relevance.


Our team are specialists in engineering a format that works for you, your brand, your customers and your chosen distribution method.

3. Colour and Branding


Your catalogue needs to accurately reflect your brand by having accurate colours – which isn’t always easy, because elements like paper type and printed colour gamut can all have an impact on final printed colours.


Arguably of more importance – in an operational sense – is the accurate colour reproduction of products in your printed catalogue. Colour may well be the most important factor in your customers’ buying decision (especially if you’re a clothing retailer!) and if your catalogue or brochure don’t accurately reflect each product’s colour, then your returns department will certainly know about it!


For more information on managing colour in print, please check the links below. Or click below to read a case study of how we helped one homewares brand manage the colour of their catalogue to reduce returns.

Webmart delivering colour consistency

Catalogue Marketing:

The Stats

600% ROI

on a catalogue campaign and 50% uplift in orders compared to email only campaign and 15% increase on sales with AOV of £5000.

Harvard Business Review

Need help with your catalogues or other direct mail?

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Webmart has established partnerships with a wide variety of quality-ranked data handlers, traditional/digital printers and distribution channels across the UK – including our own Enviromail climate positive postage. We’re also experts in print procurement and print management.


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