How Webmart can help with your print tender.



1. Accurate Print Specification service


As you’ve probably read here, when you’re going out to tender for print, it’s absolutely vital your specifications are fully understood, tightly defined, and entirely comprehensive. If they don’t cover every element and aren’t fixed and detailed, print suppliers will infer data (in fact, they’re often asked to) and that leads to inaccuracies and prices that can’t be compared between suppliers.


If you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to tightly specify all your print, the good news is that Webmart is here to help.


The Webmart team includes a talented group of print category experts. We understand your tendering objectives (we get involved in several each year) and we understand printers because we’ve been working closely with the vast majority of UK print suppliers for decades.


We can help you turn your raw data or rough specifications – or actual copies of your print – into tight and meaningful specifications that any UK printer will be able to work with. Doing that will mean your print tender is now comparing apples with apples and give you a true and clear picture of the price of the print you’re looking to procure.


And it’ll give you a range of tight specifications that you can use throughout the tender to ensure you’re buying as effectively as possible.


2. Help resourcing your tender and Webmart’s procurement portal


If you or your team don’t have the resource or experience to fully manage your tender process, Webmart’s team of consultants, project managers and print category management experts can help you with the whole process. We have over 400 years combined print procurement and management experience and pro-actively manage a UK print supply chain of around 300 quality-ranked suppliers, covering all categories of print.


We can either work with you to help conduct your print tender or you can utilise our print supply chain and online print portal to procure print in the same way many large UK organisations do – including King’s College London.


For more information and to get the ball rolling, please contact us using the details below.

Need help with your Print Tender?

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