The Webmart Story

Webmart was born in 1996.

Founded by Simon Biltcliffe, we have always been entirely self-funded, independent and focused on building trusting and cooperative relationships in the wonderful world of print marketing. We also have fun along the way!

We have 3 UK offices: our preposterously yellow HQ in Oxfordshire plus offices in Yorkshire and Scotland.

Though our background is in buying and managing print services for our customers, these days we're just as likely to consult on driving up marketing ROI through omni-channel marketing campaigns as specifying large volume print. 



Webmart is different

We’re a business whose core motivation is to do good and help those around us while doing business. We’ve developed our own business philosophy called Marxist-capitalism where we use capitalism to generate the income and Marxism to distribute the value created back to the Webmarteers and society at large.



Generosity and Kindness

Giving is something we do a lot of at Webmart.

This includes supporting lots of charities through direct donations as well as encouraging Webmarteers to volunteer through a number of initiatives, including paid volunteering days and sabbaticals. To date we’ve donated over £500,000 to charity.



Intellectual, Emotional, Financial...

Financial's vitally important of course. But it's not the sole measure of success or happiness by any means.

If you work with Webmart as a customer, supplier or Webmarteer, we work with you to maximise emotional and intellectual value too.









Welcome to the wonderful World of Webmart...

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