Our Approach

We have a very simple 4-step approach to sustainability, one which is focused around reducing our collective impact on the environment rather than simply offsetting. For every project across all marketing channels, we calculate, mitigate, offset and communicate the environmental impact.  


Our carbon calculators have been built to internationally recognised standards and externally verified for their accuracy. In some instances, we have had to create the methodology used to effectively calculate the environmental impact of some marketing channels as no standards existed. 

With all our calculations, we collect data on a granular level to build out the overall carbon footprint of a project. This granularity of data allows us to effectively identify ways of mitigating the environmental impact of a project.  


Once we have accurately calculated the impact of your campaign, we can use our granular dataset and decades of experience to effectively consult on how we can reduce the impact of your campaign, without impacting the results.  

Often, this involves format re-engineering, data cleansing, changing production locations etc. Thanks to our up-to-date data sets and experience in this area, we’re able to provide accurate carbon reduction data along with any additional costs/cost savings. This provides you with the data and insight you need to make informed, commercially savvy and environmentally sustainable marketing decisions.  


After mitigating the impact as far as possible, we will work with you to sequester or offset the remaining carbon impact of the project. We only partner with certified carbon offsetting schemes around the world, and work with individual customers to support schemes which align with their wider organisational goals.  

Where possible, we prefer to invest in carbon capture instead of offsetting. 

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Once this process is complete, it’s important to inform your customers about the true carbon impact of marketing campaigns they receive, and shout about the fantastic steps you have taken as a brand to be more sustainable. To aid with this, we will provide logos and certified figures you can include in your artwork. We can also provide landing pages and QR codes to allow your customers and prospects to learn more about the steps you have taken to be more environmentally conscious.  

Finally, we will keep track of your environmental impact for you, providing frequent reports into your sustainability efforts.  

What about Your Impact?

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